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My name is Roland Palotai.

I was born in 1974 in Budapest Hungary.
At that time it was all over the dark side, it was called socialism.
Was a great blessing to see a movie like Star Wars, where the teacher is not a crazy vampire from the school, but rather George Lucas and his  new hope.

In 1993 I Finished in the Artschool Budabest, Hungary.
1994 - Begins work in the fashion life,
1995 - Makes pictures for magazines and Agencies.
1997 - Shoots for Cosmopolitan, Max, CKM, Elite ...
1998 - Works in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Italy.
1999 - New York.
2000 - Miami.
2001 - Back to Europe.
2002 - Starts painting again in Budapest.
2005 - London Makes World Wide campaign for Tony & Guy essensuals and works for magazines.

2006 - A bit of rest.
2007 An old dream of achieving.

Making the lightsaber is the perfect meditation and relaxation for me.
My ambition to present a lightsaber like an artwork.
As a Jedi would be doing.

My collection


First Place

My First Lightsaber from 1984